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Algorum makes algo-trading simple and affordable for all types of traders. We take care of the technology and infrastructure, while you focus on trading.

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Spend your time on strategy, not setting-up.

We’ve made algo trading accessible for every trader. With Algorum there’s no need for programming, managing integrations with brokers or data providers and no hardware to maintain.

This means you can begin testing your strategies faster and at almost no cost.

Set up strategies quickly and easily.

Use our Visual Builder and simple rules to build effective strategies.

  • Choose from over 50 technical indicators and over 25+ Candlestick Patterns.
  • Backtest in a few clicks. Pick the time period, click play and see the results in seconds.
  • Ready to push live? Just press play.

No cost to build and test. Only pay when you trade.

Algorum has made algo trading affordable for every trader.

  • Create and backtest your strategies at no cost.
  • Only pay for strategies that are live, with supported brokers.
  • Pay for time not trades. We charge per minute, not per trade.

Relax. You can rely on Algorum.

Algorum is built on native cloud technologies, allowing us to be scalable and reliable.

  • Distributed and stateless trade execution engine.
  • Scales on demand, and provides minimal interruption for live strategies, even in multi-system failure scenarios.

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Build Your Strategy

Create a trading strategy either using the Visual Builder, or our predefined templates, and set your strategy parameters.

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Backtest. Fast.

Backtest your strategy at lightning-fast speed, and see your results in real time.

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Get Trading

Manage (Start, Pause, Stop) and monitor strategies from any device using our web and mobile apps.

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Algorum is integrated with:

You can also trade on our Paper Trading platform - allowing you to deploy your strategies in real time with virtual money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What markets do you support?

We currently support US (via Alpaca) and Indian (Trade Notification Mode) markets for stocks and ETFs. We support global markets for 7 major currency pairs (via Oanda).

What is Trade Notification Mode?

In this mode, your strategy is running live in Algorums’ paper trading engine. Instead of executing live trades, our app will generate a device notification - you can then act upon the trade notifications with whichever trading account you have.

Can I run my strategy without integrating to any brokerage?

Yes - we offer our own paper trading engine where you can deploy your strategy. Coupled with Trade Notifications, you can receive live trading signals for you to use when trading with your preferred trading platform app.

Can I create and back test my strategies for free?

Yes. Algorum’s software is free. You can create as many strategies as you want and back test them for free. You only have to pay for your strategies that are live.

How many years of data is available for backtesting?

We offer 5 years of historical data for backtesting.

Will my live strategy be charged after market hours?

No. We only charge for live strategies when we are processing active market data.

Will my strategy be charged when ‘paused’?

No. We do not charge for paused strategies.

Is there any limit on the live strategies that I can run?

No. There is no limit on the number of live strategies that you can run.

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Run up to 5 strategies for free.

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Algorum software & apps are FREE!

  • Create and backtest your strategies for free.
  • Only pay for strategies that are live.
  • Pay for time not trades. We charge per minute, not volume of trades.

USD 0.0005
per minute/per running strategy across the World.

INR 0.04
per minute/per running strategy in India.

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Ask questions, share ideas and get support from other Algorum users. Help us build a community of like-minded algo-traders.

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